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5 ways for an unforgettable ACTIVE HOLIDAY in Foca

A few decades ago, when we all had grandparents or other relatives in the countryside, whom we visited during vacations and weekends, helping them with work on the farm, it was somehow natural to be passive on vacation. Lie down on a towel, drink coffee, eat a sandwich and swim a few times. Today, when the number of rural residents is rapidly decreasing due to the migration of residents to cities, when in a large number of cases work is related to sitting and weak physical activity as a response to everyday monotony, active vacation or active tourism arose.

If you are one of the supporters of active vacation and you expect exercise, walk and be physically active, then the area of ​​the municipality of Foča is the right place for your next vacation.

The possibilities are numerous. Sutjeska National Park is located on the territory of Foča, as well as part of the canyon of the Tara River. Easy walks through glades and meadows, over steep hiking trails, with incredible views and plenty of clean water and air are not enough? Need some extra adrenaline? It’s not a problem, canyoning on the Hrčavka River, as well as rafting on Tara, are ideal for that.

Regardless of whether you come on vacation with family or friends, the options are numerous and, based on the interests, age of the members, as well as physical fitness, you can always find ideal and adequate activities for the group.

Active vacation - what we offer

1. Rafting

Rafting on Tara is certainly one of the most popular and probably the most famous active vacation. Overcoming the force of water, avoiding rocks and playing on rapids requires team spirit from rafting, which makes rafting more and more popular not only for families and groups of friends but also for team building events. Adrenaline charge is most present in the lower part of the canyon, in the last 20 kilometers that stretch from Brštanovica to Šćepan Polje, and access to this section is possible from the Bosnian and Montenegrin sides.

2. Canyoning

Canyoning as an active vacation involves traveling down inaccessible river canyons with the help of various techniques such as climbing, abseiling, jumping, which can be scary, but equally an incredible experience. As an adrenaline activity, canyoning in Foča is performed on the 13-kilometer long canyon of the Hrčavka River. The canyon itself is located on the territory of the Sutjeska National Park…

3. Mountaineering

Good geographical position of Foča and numerous peaks that stand tall in all directions of view give incredible possibilities when it comes to hiking. Perhaps it is enough to say that here are the two highest peaks in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the mountains Maglić and Volujak, both of tham  are over 2300 meters above sea level.

Depending on the affinity and physical fitness of the participants, in addition to the highest peaks, hiking is possible in one of the last rainforests in Europe, the Perućica rainforest, then to Trnovačko lake, numerous lakes and peaks of Zelenogra such as Bregoč and Uglješin vrh.

4. Horseback riding

With the expansion of tourism in recent years, the tourist offer has also expanded. In this way, true animal lovers turn their love and passion into business, which resulted in the establishment of two stables in very attractive places on the territory of the municipality. one is located in the village of Vrbnica, which makes it ideal for horseback riding tours around the Zelengora mountain. Another equestrian club named after the village in which it is located “Velenići” is located on the slopes of the Tara river canyon. In this way, lovers of nature and active vacations, in addition to rafting on the Tara River, have the opportunity to experience the deepest canyon in Europe from a different perspective.

5. Mountain biking

If  you are an active lover or just enjoy a ride recreationally from time to time, Foča will provide you with adequate trails for mountain biking. Thus, through challenging riding on steep mountain paths, exploring hilly and mountainous areas on a bicycle, you can tour the canyon of the Tara River or the Pyramids, which are rare geo-morphological phenomenon still present in Đavolja Varoš in Serbia and the Dolomites in Italy when we talk about Europe.