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Tourist agency Active Holidays Bosnia

Active Holidays Bosnia is a premium travel agency that offers unforgettable experiences in the beautiful destinations of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Based in Foča, the agency stands out for organizing and leading outdoor activities, primarily in the Foča area but also throughout the country.

Our passion is to enable travelers to discover the magic of the natural beauty of Bosnia and Herzegovina through diverse adventure programs. Whether you seek thrilling rafting on wild rivers, hiking through pristine national parks, or simply enjoying picturesque landscapes, Active Holidays Bosnia provides unforgettable experiences for everyone.

We offer personalized packages, reliable guides, and high-quality service to ensure you feel safe and relaxed throughout your journey. Whether you are an adventurer or seeking a laid-back nature retreat, we are here to fulfill your desires and create unforgettable moments.

Be part of our Active Holidays community and experience Bosnia and Herzegovina in a unique way. Your adventure begins here!

Dejan Elez

licensed tourist guide

Dejan Elez, a licensed tourist guide with a wealth of experience, stands at the forefront of providing enriching and memorable travel experiences, showcasing his expertise and passion for exploring the beauty of destinations.