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What’s included? City walking tour, war related tour and the Olympic excursion.

If you cannot decide whether you do Eat, Pray Love, Olympic tour or War related tour, why not do all of them in the ultimate Sarajevo tour, known as the Best of Sarajevo? We will get to know the spirit of a city that has centuries long tradition and a turbulent history. Discover the heart of the Ottoman Sarajevo – Bascarsija, drink water from Sebilj, tickle your senses with some of the traditional delicacies such as burek, ćevapi, baklava or tufahija. Stop by four major religious places of worship and feel why Sarajevo is known as confluence of good energy. Leave the city’s noise behind you and experience the breathtaking panoramic view from the Yellow Fortress as the guide explains the disturbing and horrific past of the siege of Sarajevo. Learn how Sarajevo became one of the symbols of resistance and how this vivid city didn’t give in during 1425 days. The best example of the Bosnian spite is the tunnel, dug underneath the airport’s runway. Walk through 25 meters of the original tunnel and feel the goose-bumps as you listen to stories imbued with sufferings, blood and danger. To sum up our full day journey, we will visit three Olympic mountains which are placed on the edges of the city. We say that they were our biggest blessings during the XIV Winter Olympic Games, when all eyes were fixed on Sarajevo and Yugoslavia. However, less than 10 years later they became a curse that could not be escaped and a ring of fire from which city and its inhabitants were heavily shelled. At the end we will visit the Olympic museum where we proudly keep the memory of one of the most successful Winter Olympics of the 20th century.


Tour Spots
  1. Olympic Stadium and Olympic Hall Zetra – Find out the connection between the Olympic games in 1984. and the siege of the city.
  2. Sniper Alley – Drive through the most dangerous street in Sarajevo during the war.
  3. War Tunnel Museum – Visit the marvelous symbol of the resistance and fight for survival – the secret Tunnel of Hope, which saved the city and its citizens from falling into the enemy’s hands.
  4. Igman and Bjelašnica Mountains – famous for hosting nordic disciplines during the Winter Olympic Games in 1984
  5. Trebević Mountain – Walk down the Olympic bobsleigh and enjoy the breathtaking views of Sarajevo
  6. Franz Ferdinand Assassination – Visit the most famous corner in Sarajevo.
  7. Emperor’s Mosque – See the first mosque in Sarajevo and find out how Sarajevo got its name.
  8. Sarajevo Brewery – The first brewery in the Ottoman Empire.
  9. The Spite house – It was on one side of the river but had to be moved to the other side.
  10. City Hall – The most emblematic monument of the neo-Moorish architectural style.
  11. Baščaršija – The main trading center and the core of Sarajevo.
  12. Bravadžiluk and Kazandžiluk streets – Taste and find out how we prepare traditional food.
  13. Sebilj fountain – Take a sip of water from this symbolical spot.
  14. Morića Han – Visit the only best-preserved Ottoman Inn in the city.
  15. Bosnian traditional break – Smell the scent, feel the taste of Bosnian coffee and learn how to drink coffee like a real Bosnian.
  16. Gazi Husrev Bey’s Mosque – Visit the yard of the central mosque in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
  17. Sarajevo Meeting of Cultures – See the spot where East and West meet.
  18. Old Jewish Temple – Find out the story about Sarajevo Haggadah.
  19. Cathedral of Sacred Jesus Hearth  – Send a message of peace and tolerance in front of Sarajevo’s Notre Dame.
  20. Serbian Orthodox Church – The city’s largest Orthodox church boasts five impressive domes, a gilded baroque belfry, and beautiful murals.

Start time: Every day at 09:00 AM

Duration: 8 hours

Private tour: Any time from 08:00 to 10:00 can be selected

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English, French, German, Italian and Spanish

*Other languages available upon request.


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  Traditional food and drinks tasting
  Entrance fees for the Tunnel museum, Gazi Husrev bey’s mosque, Sephardi Synagogue – Jewish Museum, Catholic Cathedral and Orthodox Church
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