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Beautiful nature, numerous rivers and lakes, mountain peaks and forests are reason enough to start thinking about Bosnia and Herzegovina as your next vacation destination. If I tell you that you will be greeted by warm and friendly people who will introduce you to the rich culture and tradition of our country, traditional cuisine, top-quality accommodation and show you hidden places, I think you are already one step closer to visiting us. Create an unforgettable vacation, from which you will take away beautiful memories that you will remember fondly.

Discover Bosnia and Herzegovina

Sutjeska National Park

National Park “Sutjeska” is located in the southeast of Bosnia and Herzegovina, on the border with Montenegro, including parts of the monumental mountain massifs of Maglić, Volujak, and Zelengora.

Tara Canyon

Meet the “Tear of Europe”, the most beautiful and cleanest river in this part of the world which leaves you breathless.On 36 000 ha which are found under the protection of UNESCO

Lake Gornje Bare Zelengora National park Sutjeska

Foca City

Why Foča? Because it allows you to spend a perfect holiday in a pristine natural environment, enjoy an unbeatable feeling of adventure and a rush of adrenaline, revel in a wide variety of…

Sarajevo City

Considering the historical and cultural heritage, present-day Sarajevo represents one of the potentially most attractive tourist destinations in Balkans, south-east Europe and Europe.

Konjic City

In Konjic, you can find tours for a one-day, as well as a multi-day stay. Rafting and canoeing on the Neretva river, canyoning on the Rakitnica river, and the hydrospeed tour. 

Mostar City

nyone who wants get to know a place where history and modernity as well as gorgeous nature and pure adrenaline come together in a perfect blend should pack their bags now and head out to Mostar.

Discover the magic of the Balkan, where East meets West

Staff Recommended

From €170

Midnight Tara Rafting

2 Days
June - September
Age range: 10 - 55

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From €260

Exploring Unseen. Step into Primeval forest Perućica and feel the adrenaline of Hrčavka canyoning

3 Days
May – October
Age range: 10-50

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From €175

Hidden beauties. Zelengora horseback riding and exploring its lakes

3 Day
April – November
Age range: 5-60

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