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“Ultimate gastro experience” is the name of a new tourist route, imagined as a time travel taking you to less or barely known places with the traditional cuisine of our country. The new route takes visitors to places they would not otherwise visit, and in that way, they are presented with where and what the locals buy, what they eat and how they eat every day, and what they prepare for special occasions. 

During the tour, the guide will also tell you more about the history of the city, but with the focus on the local food and the spots that are not necessarily the main tourist zones, but are close to such zones. So, let your senses follow the Sarajevo menu and tackle them with numerous flavorings.


Tour Spots
  1. Sarajevo City Market – Enjoy the scent of the market and taste the best dry meat in the country.
  2. Markale Open Market – Fresh fruit and vegetables from the local farmers
  3. Učkur Pita – A unique type of Bosnian traditional pie
  4. Somun tasting – A special Sarajevo bread baked in only 20 seconds!
  5. TipTop – Take a break and drink Boza!
  6. Aščinica Stari Grad – Bey’s soup tasting!
  7. Aščinica – Your senses are going wild when tasting Sarajevski sahan!
  8. Ćevapi – The must eat in Sarajevo!
  9. Coffee process making – See how the coffee is processed. 
  10. Baklava dućan & Miris Dunja – Taste the famous baklava and conclude the tour with a cup of Bosnian coffee!

Start time: Every day at 10:00

Duration: 4 hours

Private tour: Any time from 08:00 to 13:00 can be selected

Language Options:

English, French, German, Italian and Spanish

*Other languages available upon request.


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