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Vranovina horseback riding +  Mountaineering (Zelengora) + Rafting (Tara) + Zip line/cruise (Visegrad)

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5 Days / 4 Nights
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April - November
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Grab an adventure for your family, without leaving your comfort zone thanks to a stay in our camp on the very bank of the Drina river. The arrangement is intended primarily for families, as well as couples, friends, and all groups who do not want a vacation that is demanding, but on the other hand, they are curious and want to step into the inaccessible and unusual areas of the canyon of the Tara River, hike through Zelengora, and the whole impression is further enhanced by the zip line- om and a Visegrad cruise.

The canyon of the Tara River is the most popular for rafting on fast waters, which we will have the opportunity to experience, but the view from the top of the canyon and horse riding on the slopes of the canyon is no less fascinating, and it is necessary to sit in the jeeps, and then our jeep safari the adventure can begin.


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Welcome to our camp. Your adventure begins with a welcome meeting around 6 pm. We will get to know each other better at the meeting with a welcome drink and hand you the room keys.

At 8 p.m., dinner is planned in our ethnic restaurant.

After breakfast, from 8 o’clock you will have the opportunity to meet your mountain guide with whom you will embark on a jeep safari adventure of some 80 km in our 4×4 vehicles. From our camp, through the village of Zavait, we will first go to the farm “Zlatni Bor”, where we will buy cheese that is made according to the Swiss recipe, and as a delicacy product, it is not possible to find it in ordinary stores and markets. To make the feeling unforgettable, we need cheese for lunch, which we will organize a little later when we reach the slope of the deepest canyon in Europe, the canyon of the Tara River.

From Zavait, we will go by jeep to the hamlet of Vrbica, where we will have the opportunity to visit more than 200 stećaks that originate from the Middle Ages, and the entire necropolis of Crkvina has been on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 2016.

Our journey continues through the village of “Rijeka”, where we will stay briefly and visit the church of St. Nicholas, built in 1832. The significance of this national monument of Bosnia and Herzegovina is reflected in the fact that it exhibited valuable icons from the beginning and middle of the 17th century, which were brought to the church of St. Nicholas arrived from the monastery of the Holy Trinity in Pljevlja.

The next stop on our journey through the canyon of the Tara River is Vranovina. At Vranovina, we will organize lunch under the clear sky, with a divine view of the deepest canyon in Europe. After lunch, horse riding along the rim of the canyon follows. The view across the canyon of the Tara River reaches Piva Mountain in Montenegro.

Also from the first person, you will visually cross the rafting section that will be our activity the next day. After riding, we return to the camp for dinner and overnight.

After breakfast until 8 am, you will get rafting equipment (neoprene suit, neoprene boots, safety helmet, safety vest, and paddle) and transport by jeep to Brštanovica we reach the starting point for rafting on Tara. The largest number of descents take place from this spot. Tara is on the list of protected areas by UNESCO. Just before the descent, your river guide will hold a “briefing” where you will receive instructions on how to behave on the boat, and then you can row!

The most attractive rafting section on Tara stretches for about 20 km, from Brštanovica to Šćepan Polje. The time of the descent itself is variable and depends on several factors, the basis of which is the height of the water level, which is lower as the season progresses, and as a result, rafting is longer and can last three or more hours

During the rafting, we will take breaks for swimming and photography and visit the coldest tributary of the river Tara, the river Shipčanica. After the rafting, there is a shower and lunch, and after that we head towards Tjentište, where we spend the night and which is our starting point for Zelengora.

After breakfast until 8 am, you will meet your mountain guide and driver, and together you will head to the unreal green landscapes characteristic of Ireland, localized on our beauty Zelengora.

We reach one of Zelengora’s lakes, Donje Bare, by vehicle, where our hiking tour of Zelengora begins, and we continue our journey towards Uglješin Vrh on foot. On that way, we will pass by Gornje Bare lake, which together with Uglješin Vrh belongs to the territory of Sutjeska National Park. The whole area is so cinematic and suitable for all senses that it is necessary to charge the batteries on your mobile phone and immortalize everything with unforgettable photos!

From Lake Gornje Bare, towards Uglješin Vrh, the most demanding climbing is at the beginning of the ascent, after which the path is clear and without challenges. After reaching the very top, it will be clear to you that hiking in Zelengora was worth the effort. You will have a clear view of the entire Sutjeska National Park, the highest peak of Zelenogra – Bregoč, Maglić, as well as the Perućica rainforest.

After photo-documenting everything, we return to the Gornje Bare lake, where we will organize lunch in nature. After lunch, we return to the off-road vehicles and go back to the Tjentište for another dinner and overnight.

We leave hiking in Zelengora behind, and after breakfast until 8 o’clock, we leave in the direction of Višegrad, where zip lines and boat rides on Višegrad Lake are planned as activities.

At the very entrance to Višegrad, we will stop at the Višegrad bridge, which represents one of the most important cultural monuments of Bosnia and Herzegovina and has also been included in the UNESCO cultural heritage list since 2007.

The whole trip to Višegrad is full of symbolism, namely the mentioned bridge is the endowment of Mehmed Paša Sokolović, one of the great Ottoman generals from Bosnia. Ćuprija and the events around it during its construction in the 16th century were described by Nobel laureate Ivo Andrić in his novel “The Bridge on the Drina”.

Downstream from the bridge, on the right bank of the Drina, is Andrićgrad. Professor Kusturica found the idea for the construction in the works and characters of the Nobel laureate Ivo Andrić so that every stone in Višegrad exudes the famous Nobel laureate. To put the bridge and Andrićgrad in one picture, we will pass the zip line from the left to the right bank of the Drina and walk straight from the zip line to Andrićgrad, where we will have lunch.

After lunch, we will board the ship at the pier and go on a 2-hour cruise. At the end of the cruise, your arrangement also ends.

Included in the price:
Accommodation during the duration of the arrangement
All meals during the duration of the arrangement
All activities during the duration of the arrangement
All transportation during the duration of the arrangement
Licensed guides
Not included in the price:
Injury insurance in the amount of €1.00 per person per day;
Entrance fee to Sutjeska National Park in the amount of €5.00 per person;
Rafting tax Nature Park Piva in the amount of €4.30 per person

Total price of fees: 14.30 € per person

  • For the implementation of this arrangement, the minimum number of participants is 4.
  • Hiking clothes and shoes are necessary 
  • From May to June it is recommended to take mosquito repellent as well as sunscreen.
  • Prices are in euros, per person.
  • All arrangements can be extended by agreement, combined with other arrangements, etc.
  • We reserve the right to assess whether the weather conditions allow the excursion (for the safety of guests).
  • Please let us know in time if you want vegetarian food, or are allergic to certain foods, etc.

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