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Following Footsteps. Visit Perućica, Trnovačko lake, and Zelengora mountain.

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3 Days / 2 Nights
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Group size: 4+
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April – November
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Age range: 7-60
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Location: Foca

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Through this tour, you will get to know the historical monuments that are a precious part of Sutjeska National Park. It is inevitable that you visit the Memorial Complex of the Battle of the Sutjeska. We’ll also stop at the park’s most precious jewel. It is never been fully explored and is the largest natural reserve of its kind in Europe. Perućica Primeval Forest is a real challenge for all botanists as it has been inaccessible for decades. The field of our activity is still insufficiently explored and mystical. It takes persistence to find Prijevor, Trnovačko lake, and Zelengora mountain. The reward for persistence is inevitable, and after climbing through Suhu Jezerina, we reach the plateau where the peaks of Maglić, Volujak, and Bioč dominate around Trnovacko lake. Searching for perfect locations recognizable by their natural environment, free from noise, and the polluted air we will discover our mountain beauty Zelengora. The scenes of this arrangement will leave you speechless and turn you into a storyteller.


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Welcome to the Sutjeska National Park. Your adventure begins with a welcome meeting around 6 pm. We will get to know each other better at the meeting with a welcome drink and hand you the room keys.

If you have come to the Tjentište, then it is inevitable that you visit the Memorial Complex of the Battle of the Sutjeska which is seen from the main road. This complex is built in memory of one of the most difficult and bloodiest battles of World War II in which Partisan forces engaged against joint German-Italian and quisling troops in this area.

Dinner is planned for 8 pm in the restaurant of national cuisine “Komlen”.

After breakfast, until 8 am, you will head in the direction of the Prijevor plateau. The distance between the Tjentište and the Prijevor is 20 km, about an hour’s drive.

On the way to the plateau, we will stop and visit the two most beautiful lookouts (Beškita and Dragoš sedlo) from where there is an impressive view of one of the oldest and best-preserved rainforests in Europe, the Perućica rainforest. From these lookouts, there is a beautiful view of the waterfall Skakavac, Maglić, Volujak, the peaks of Zelengora, and from the lookout Beškita you will have the opportunity to see the Valley of Heroes (Memorial complex of the Battle of Sutjeska on Tjentište) from a height of 1,275 m.

After arriving at the Prijevor plateau, we descend towards the Suva Jezerina valley along a steep path about 6 km long. Along the upper edge of the valley, through the forest, we come to a plateau with a heart-shaped lake.

Trnovačko lake is located at the foot of the mountain Maglić. The available time by the lake is provided for free activities, relaxation, and enjoyment, and before leaving, we will use the opportunity to have a small picnic in the natural environment on the shore.

Around 7 pm, we will catch the last rays of the sun on Prijevor and after that, we will return to our accommodation at Tjentište.

After breakfast until 8 am, you will meet your mountain guide and driver, and together you will head to the unreal green landscapes characteristic of Ireland, localized on our beauty Zelengora.

On the way to the mountain eyes, lakes Gornje and Donje Bare, we will pass through the canyon of the river Hrčavka, where the most demanding adrenaline activity on the territory of Sutjeska National Park, canyoning is realized. We will also visit the memorial from World War II dedicated to the national hero Sava Kovacevic.

At the crossroads, we will replace the ride with walking and head slightly uphill towards the Gornje Bare lake hidden at the foot of the Uglješin peak. From the lake itself, there are incredible views of the green pastures of Zelengora after which it got its name, as well as the peaks of Planinica and the ridge Tovarnica.

In the same way, we return to the fork and in the other direction, we reach lake Donje Bare. The lake is surrounded by green meadows and forests, and the beauty and magic of this place were recognized by Yugoslav President Tito, who had his mountain house on this site. After visiting the lake with a light half-hour walk, we reach the Borić lookout point, which is considered to be the “and” in “Bosnia and Herzegovina” :). The name itself has its roots in the Pine tree, and from the lookout point, there is an unforgettable view of the largest peaks of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Maglić and Volujak, as well as the largest jewel of our country, the Perućica rainforest.

The scene and sounds of this place are ideal for lunch in nature, after which your arrangement ends.

Included in the price:
Accommodation during the duration of the arrangement
All meals during the duration of the arrangement
All activities during the duration of the arrangement
All transportation during the duration of the arrangement
Licensed guides
Not included in the price:
Injury insurance in the amount of €1.00 per person per day
Entrance fee to Sutjeska National Park in the amount of €5.00 per person
Entrance fee to Piva Nature Park in the amount of €1.00 per person

Total: 9.00 € per person

  • For the implementation of this arrangement, the minimum number of participants is 4.
  • Hiking clothes and shoes are necessary
  • From May to June it is recommended to take mosquito repellent as well as sunscreen.
  • Prices are in euros, per person.
  • All arrangements can be extended by agreement, combined with other arrangements, etc.
  • We reserve the right to assess whether the weather conditions allow the excursion (for the safety of guests).
  • Please let us know in time if you want vegetarian food, or are allergic to certain foods, etc.

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