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Tara Canyon

Meet the “Tear of Europe”, the most beautiful and cleanest river in this part of the world which leaves you breathless.On 36 000 ha which are found under the protection of UNESCO you will have a chance to enjoy in the allures of the deepest world canyon after the one which the river Colorado broke through. There doesn’t exist a person who visited Tara, and who didn’t wish to come back to it, exactly because of the richness with which very few natural localities can praise.

From the Opasnica and Veruša rivers, below Komovo, the Tara river emerges, which with the force of its water carved one of the largest canyon gorges in the world in hard limestone rocks. Tara is such a clear and clean river that you can drink it whole, and it is rightly considered the “tear of Europe”. There are rocky and gravel terraces, sandy beaches, high rocks and a large number of caves along the Tara River. With its greatest depth of 1300 m, Tara Canyon is the second deepest canyon in the world, right after the Grand Canyon.

Across the Sušice canyon, on the right bank of the Tara river, is the village of Vranovina. The village is characteristic in that one half of the village is on the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina, while the other half belongs to Montenegro. This plateau on the canyon of the Tara river is located under the Obzir peak, which is the highest point in the Tara canyon, and the height difference at this place, from the river to the peak, is 1300 m. The view extends over a large part of the Tara canyon, Maglić, Durmitor, Piva mountain and Komove.

40 kilometers from Foča is the village of Zavait, through which you can reach Zlatni Bor, that is, one of the viewpoints on the very edge of the Tara river canyon. The canyons of Piva and Tara can be seen as if in the palm of your hand, as well as the formations on Šćepan Polje, the place where the rivers Piva and Tara form the river Drina, which is the longest tributary of the Sava. Opposite Zlatni Bor, you can see the medieval town of Soko with a monastery that was the residence of Herceg Stjepan.