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Hidden gem - Volujak

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3 Days / 2 Nights
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June – October
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Age range: 10 - 55
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Location: Foca

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Generally speaking, the area of Sutjeska National Park is a typically mountainous area, with a very distinctive landscape. Sat in a magical row, one mountain follows another: Vučevo, Maglić, Volujak, and Zelengora. One can witness some of the most fascinating landscapes from the tops of these mountains. . However, every mountain that belongs to Sutjeska National Park reveals nature’s beauty in its own specific way. Here at Volujak, we see a magnificent giant full of steep, rugged cliffs, and covered with snow that never melts even in the summer!


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The trip usually starts in the morning by gathering in front of our agency, from where we go to the starting point Papin do by an off-road vehicle, which is about two hours drive. Papin do is our starting point for conquering the highest peak of Volujak, the peak of Velika Vlasulja, which is also the second highest peak of Bosnia and Herzegovina, right after Maglić.

Papin do is located between Volujak and Lebršnik, eight kilometers from the Čemerno pass (Foča-Gacko road). At an altitude of 1,448 m above sea level, there is a mountain hut of the same name, which has a capacity of 30 beds, water, electricity (solar panels, windmill, generator), two toilets, and a shower with hot water. Dinner, overnight.

After a homemade breakfast, we set out to conquer the highest peak of Volujak, Velika Vlasulja, which is also the second highest peak of Bosnia and Herzegovina, right after Maglić.

In the three-hour hiking tour from Papin do to the highest peak of Volujak, we pass the Goveđak spring and Kuk peak. Since it is a natural source of drinking water, we stopped by to fill our bottles. The Volujak massif has a dozen peaks higher than 2,000 m, which in early summer are decorated with a large area of snow, and the contrast of snow and green pastures that spread above 1,600 m will allow you to be a professional photographer and take photos for postcards.

At the very top, we will have the opportunity to enjoy the view of the highest peaks of Maglić, Bioč, Trzivka, and Trnovački Durmitor. When the weather is clear, the view reaches all the way to the Olympic mountains of Bjelasnica and Jahorina. The view is great, so we will use it for lunch in nature.

After lunch, break and enjoyment, we return to Papin do, where we will have dinner and sleep.

At around 8:00 a.m. you wake up to the smell of coffee and the rays of the mountain sun.

Through this tour, you will get to know the historical monuments that are an extremely valuable part of Sutjeska National Park. We are returning to the Tjentište, to visit the Memorial Complex of the Battle of the Sutjeska which is seen from the main road. This complex is built in memory of one of the most difficult and bloodiest battles of World War II in which Partisan forces engaged against joint German-Italian and quisling troops in this area.

After this tour, our arrangement ends.

Included in the price:
Accommodation during the duration of the arrangement
All meals during the duration of the arrangement
All activities during the duration of the arrangement
All transportation during the duration of the arrangement
Licensed guides
Not included in the price:

Injury insurance in the amount of €1.00 per person per day
Entrance fee to Sutjeska National Park in the amount of €5.00 per person

Total: 6.00 € per person

  • For the implementation of this arrangement, the minimum number of participants is 4.
  • Hiking clothes and shoes are necessary
  • From May to June it is recommended to take mosquito repellent as well as sunscreen.
  • Prices are in euros, per person.
  • All arrangements can be extended by agreement, combined with other arrangements, etc.
  • We reserve the right to assess whether the weather conditions allow the excursion (for the safety of guests).
  • Please let us know in time if you want vegetarian food, or are allergic to certain foods, etc.

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