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Zelengora Mountain

Zelengora mountain is located in northeastern Herzegovina, it got its name Zelengora from its green pastures and glades. It is known for its glacial lakes. The Zelengora lakes are known by the local population as “mountain eyes”. But it is not only the lakes that make Zelengora an interesting destination, there are also its many peaks that are suitable for the first hiking steps with our children.

The highest peak of Zelengora is Bregoč, whose altitude is 2013 meters above sea level, then there is Kozije Staze with an altitude of 2012 meters. In addition to these two peaks, there are numerous other peaks that we will single out: Uglješin peak, Planinica, Greben Tovarnice, Orlovac, etc. We will say more about them in the rest of the text, but we still have a lot to say about Zelengora itself.

Most of Zelengora is located on the territory of Sutjeska National Park. Also in the area of ​​its mountain massif, one of the biggest and decisive battles in the national liberation war took place, known as “Operation Schwarz”. On the occasion of suffering for the freedom of the homeland, numerous monuments were erected on the territory of Sutjeska National Park as well as on Zelengora.

Zelengora is also rich in animal and plant life. During hiking in Zelengora it is almost always possible to see herds of chamois, sometimes a bear eating blueberries. 😊.

In addition to hiking trails and hiking, we will single out another way to get to know this mountain beauty. Riding on the back of a noble animal gives this mountain a different experience. So for those who enjoy riding horses and those who still want to get acquainted with this activity, Zelengora offers many opportunities, from riding on its pastures, as well as more demanding and larger tours in which we will visit some of its lakes. So below we will say something more about them.