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Fulfill your morning and early afternoon with a unique experience. Tackle your senses with traditional delicacies, learn about our hospitality and meaning behind a cup of the Bosnian coffee. During the tour, we will visit places believed to be sacred, listen to the legends that locals traditionally associate with the Sarajevo pilgrimage. Take a sip of water from Sebilj, feed the pigeons around it and learn why this is such a significant ritual. Find out why Sarajevo is known as the confluence of good energy and learn to love a la Bosnian. If you want to fully enjoy the beauty of a city, you need to feel it with your heart and see it with your eyes. 


Tour Spots
  1. Franz Ferdinand Assassination – Visit the most famous corner in Sarajevo.
  2. The Tomb of the Seven Brothers – Drop some coins, and hear the legends that are behind this spot.
  3. The Church of Saint Anthony of Padua – See the spiritual church that is also visited by Sarajevans of other confessions who pray to God in their own way.
  4. Emperor’s Mosque – See the oldest mosque in Sarajevo and find out how Sarajevo got its name.
  5. The Spite house – It was on one side of the river but had to be moved to the other side.
  6. City Hall – The most emblematic monument of the neo-Moorish architectural style.
  7. Baščaršija – The main trading center and the core of Sarajevo.
  8. Bravadžiluk and Kazandžiluk streets – Taste the traditional local food, and find out how to prepare it.
  9. Sebilj fountain – Take a sip of water from this symbolical spot.
  10. Old Orthodox Church – The city’s first Serbian Orthodox church that hides amazing stories.
  11. Morića Han – Visit the only best-preserved Ottoman Inn in the city.
  12. Bosnian traditional break – Smell the scent, and feel the taste of Bosnian coffee and learn how to drink coffee like a real Bosnian.
  13. Gazi Husrev Bey’s Mosque – Explore the magnificent central mosque in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
  14. Sarajevo Meeting of Cultures – See the exact spot where East and West meet together.
  15. Old Jewish Temple – Find out the story about Sarajevo Haggadah.
  16. Cathedral of Sacred Jesus Hearth  – Send a message of peace and tolerance in front of Sarajevo’s Notre Dame.
  17. Markale City Market – Feel the vibe of the most famous local market in Sarajevo. Surprise your senses with the amazing aromas of meat, dairy products, and fresh fruits.
  18. Serbian Orthodox Church – The city’s largest Orthodox church boasts five impressive domes, a gilded baroque belfry, and beautiful murals.
  19. Eternal Flame – The flames monument is a unique piece of art, idea, and dedication.

Start time: Every day at 10:00 AM

Duration: 4 hours

Private tour: Any time can be selected

Language Options:

English, French, German, Italian and Spanish

*Other languages available upon request.


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Price include
  Licensed tour guide
  Traditional food and drinks tasting
 Entrance fees for the Gazi Husrev bey’s mosque, Sephardi Synagogue – Jewish Museum, Catholic Cathedral and Orthodox Church
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&nbsp Gratuities;
&nbspAny Private Expenses;

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From €30

*Note: The price is per person for the package.

  • If you have any special dietary needs or if you are a vegetarian, please inform us prior to your arrival.
  • You do not need to have any previous experience.