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Zelengora - Gornje and Donje Bare Lakes and viewpoint Boric

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May - October
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Location: Foca


Our adventure begins by arriving at the premises of our agency around 8 o’clock in the morning, where you will meet your mountain guide and driver, and together you will head towards the unreal green landscapes characteristic of Ireland, localized on our beauty Zelengora.

On the way to a pair of mountain eyes, the Gornje and Donje Bare Lakes, we will pass through the Hrčavka River Canyon, where the most demanding adrenaline activity in the Sutjeska National Park, canyoning, is usually carried out. We will also visit a World War II memorial dedicated to the national hero Sava Kovačević.

At the fork in the road, we will switch from driving to walking and head towards the hidden Gornje Bare Lake at the foot of Uglješin Peak, climbing a gentle hill. From the lake itself, incredible views of the green pastures of Zelengora, from which it got its name, as well as the peaks of Planinica and the Tovarnica ridge, stretch out. We return along the same path to the fork and take another direction to reach the Donje Bare Lake. The lake itself is surrounded by green meadows and forest, and the beauty and magic of this place were recognized by Tito, who had his mountain house at this location.

After visiting the lakes with a leisurely half-hour walk, we reach the Borić viewpoint. The name itself comes from the Bora curve, and from the viewpoint itself, an unforgettable view of the highest peaks of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Maglić and Volujak, as well as the greatest jewel of our country, the Perućica primeval forest, unfolds. The sights and sounds of this place are perfect for a picnic in nature.

After lunch, we will return to our agency, where our gathering and adventure will come to an end.

Meals included:
– Lunch


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Price include
Accommodation during the duration of the arrangement
All meals during the duration of the arrangement
All activities during the duration of the arrangement
All transportation during the duration of the arrangement
Licensed guides
Price exclude
Injury insurance in the amount of €1.00 per person per day;
Entrance fee to Sutjeska National Park in the amount of €5.00 per person;

Total price of fees: 6.00 € per person

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