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Konjic is exactly where it should be, in the heart of Bosnia and Herzegovina, close enough to the south, north, east and west!

In Konjic, you can find tours for a one-day, as well as a multi-day stay. Rafting and canoeing on the Neretva river, canyoning on the Rakitnica river, and the hydrospeed tour. Rafting has certainly been the most popular activity for years, but canyoning and canoeing, as tours that give more adrenaline and adventure, are increasingly being recognized and chosen by guests. When you include hiking in it, it is always worth mentioning Prenj, Visočica and Čvrsnica, the mountain jewels of Herzegovina, whose natural beauty is enjoyed by experienced mountaineers as well as beginners. Bicycle and jeep tours are definitely an increasingly popular option.

One of the first things that comes to mind when Neretva, one of the most beautiful B&H rivers, gets mentioned is white water rafting. It is an adventure that allows you to come into close contact with this fast-flowing river with bubbling sounds and stunning crystal-green waters. Take a 20-kilometre white water rafting tour down the Neretva River that passes through Neretva Canyon along the way from the village of Glavatičevo to the village of Džajići near Konjic and discover this gorgeous river and experience an adventure you will remember forever.

Visit Tito’s bunker in Konjic, step inside and go back to 1950s Yugoslavia. Atomic war command, also known as the Ark and nicknamed Tito’s bunker, is a former nuclear bunker and military command center located near the town of Konjic in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Built to protect Yugoslav President Josip Broz Tito and up to 350 members of his inner circle in the event of an atomic conflict, the structure is made up of residential areas, conference rooms, offices, strategic planning rooms, and other areas. The bunker remained a state secret until after the breakup of Yugoslavia in the 1990s.

Variety of our activities and adventures will take you off the beaten paths, introduce you to local culture, taste traditional cuisine, spend your time in an active way and leave you with plenty of memories.