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Blagaj is not only a treasure trove of gorgeous landscapes but of history too. Even though it is famous for its Dervish Tekke (dervish house), there are quite a few other protected cultural monuments in Blagaj such as the Velagić family residential complex – Velagićevina, Karađoz Bey Hammam (Turkish bath), Zelenapećina (the Green Cave), and several places of workship. It is also considered the top place to enjoy fish specialties.

A number of restaurants sit along the River Buna. In high season, you can buy pomegranates, figs, grapes, apricots and peaches at many locations in town.

Under the blazing heat of the Herzegovinian sun, up in the rocks above town of Blagaj and in the immediate vicinity of the springs of the River Buna and the Fortress of Herzeg Stjepan-Kosača, there is an attractive climbing area and a via ferrata stretching along the Vulin Creek canyon. It is no wonder that one of the most popular climbing areas in B&H.

With 200 sunny days a year, trails ranging from 15 to 200 metres in length and about 140 routes going in different directions of varying length, the are attracts climbers at intermediate and advanced skill levels. Blagaj Eco-centre on the left bank of the River Buna, which is located some 15 metres below the springs of the river, is the start point of the ferrata. While going through the canyon, you will pass through narrow gorges with giant boulders wedged into the canyon as well as numerous vertical obstacles that used to be waterfalls thousands of years ago. The highest one reaches more than 30 metres in height. When you reach the end point of the ferrata, continue towards the Fortress of Herzeg StjepanKosača, which dominates Blagaj.

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