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Do you like night rafting ?

Do you think you've tried everything?

If you are looking for adrenalin, or a more extreme type of sport, than we have good sugestion „Night rafting“ wht do you think?

Rafting on Tara is a great adrenalin activity and ideal to refresh yourself. As the water level of Tara river drops down, is ideal for family people with kids to come and refresh.

In search of extra excitment the nead for night rafting arose. Where the only sources of light are the moon and the stars… An unforgettable feeling.

That’s is interesting because in that moments we have reduced sense of sight and exchanged sense of hearing.

To make the feeling unforgettable , and the same time to feel safe it is necessary to left to experienced skippers. The activity is performed at night and onlu light source is a moon light. Skippers must be very capable and someone who knows everything about that river and who can be the best driver through this adventure.

Few people are capable to drive night raftting and one of the best is Miki Trivun. One of the participants said that he would have no problem letting Miki take his children down the river because respect and trust is earned, not imposed.

When Miki start drive's a boat you are surrended by the sounds f the river. On the way you ask yourself „if this man knows the way by heart“, Everyne will judge what for themselves.