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Driving quads - QUADrenaline

With the changing dynamics of life over the last fifty years, things have changed very quickly. The trend is such that each new day brings ever more rapid change and development. It is even possible that, in the next 20 years, our destinations will be accessible even from the air.

As both guests and hosts, as consumers, influence these changes, industry has begun to adapt to the likes of us.  In particular, this applies to transportation and the use of technologies such as quad ATVs. In a short timespan, these machines that were previously primarily used by forestry and enforcement bodies, are now available to hikers and adventurers who want quick and dynamic mobility in nature.

There are numerous trails in our region, that lead to appealing nature destinations. So, in addition to categorising tours by duration (from several hours to full-day excursions), our offers can also be divided into topics such as: local landmarks, ATV quad safari and off road tours, and the collective term for high performance & adrenaline tours - Qu ADrenalin tours.

In addition to the large areas of greenery and glacial lakes, which are the first and primary characteristics of Zelengora, there is an abundance of flora and fauna.  It is likely that, from the ramp entrance to the National Park, while driving on the forest road that leads to the upper and lower lakes next to the Sava Kovacevic monument, you will find at the very least deer and birds of prey. This tour is categorised as an ATV safari. In addition to the Upper and Lower lakes on Zelengora, ATVs make it easy to visit Orlovac Lake and the South Lake.

Since the quad ATVs are perfectly suited for gravel and dirt roads, it is appropriate to visit the Perucica rainforest which is within Sutjeska National Park, and continue on the viewpoints of Beškit and Dragoš Sedlo. This offroad tour extends from the Tjenitšte valley to the Prijevor Plateau at the foot of the highest peak in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Maglić Mountain.

The Tara River canyon has become particularly popular in recent years, especially as it comes to whitewater rafting, the popularity of which grows by the day. Whitewater rafting is not all there is to do however, it is recommended that the canyon be traversed by land as well, in this case by means of an off-road ATV tour. This will allow you to see the surrounding terrain as well as the interior, of the deepest canyon in Europe. It is possible to organize short excursions of several hours, as well as a full day of ATV activity in which it would be possible to visit Vranovina, Meštrevac and to see the rest of the surrounding area.

When it comes to local landmark tours, the trip to the sand pyramids is exciting and easy. The sand pyramids are an interesting natural phenomenon, of which several other examples exist and can be found in Colorado, the Dolomites in Italy and Đavoljoj Varoši in Serbia.

In order to facilitate safety on these tours, which can be compromised by the power and speed of the quads, unless you have prior experience, it is essential to have one of our guides and tour leaders. With this logistical support, the circumstances and disadvantages of driving on unfamiliar terrain are mitigated, allowing you to ride safely while getting information on all the destinations you will pass along the way.