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Last weekend Vladimir Tadić a passionate lover of nature visited Volujak, a paradise for mountaineers and alpinists. This  mountain  offers a strong adrenaline challenge, especially in winter.  He recorded incredible scenes.

Volujak Mountain is   located in the border area of ​​Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro. Along with Maglić in the north, Lebršnik in the south, Zelengora in the northwest and Bioč  in the east.  They form one of the most beautiful mountain massifs The highest peak on Volujak is Velika Vlasulja (2336 ). And there are 15 more peaks above 2000 meters on the mountain. The slopes that fall  into Sutjeska  provide a habitat for many wild animals. On The mountain we can find  medicinal plants, strawberries and berries. 

Tadic’s photos are beautiful and special, unique. He loves nature, he often stays  to wait for “that glorious moment”. Nature is an inexhaustible source of inspiration for him.  His work was included in a large number of exhibitions, he won many domestic and international awards. What is impossible for many, exactly causes him to want to do it. 

Thanks to his love and his experience in extreme sports, he uses his special skills to reach places that are not accessible to others. So Vladimir enyojed with a group of friends and mountaineers from Banja Luka, Gacko, Sarajevo and Mostar. The northern side of Volujak to the top of Studenac (2296 meters) certainly to the starting point of the ascent. The unmissable Papin dol, a place of fascinanting beauty. We arrived from the Čemerno  walking  8km on macadam  to the mountain Lebršnik with all necessary mountaineering equipment and food.

With the necessary  crampons  the expedition started with the Ćiro as a guide. From start  the road led past the magnificent Kuk, whose beauty and charm could not be resisted even by Emir Kusturica, where he made some of the scenes for his film “On the Milk Road”. Further on, the road leads across the river Sutjeska. Behind us remains the frozen, snow-covered Jagodina lake, which we remember from the anthology scenes of Monika Belluča and Kusturica..

Silent cold and frosty morning, white snow with a strong wind that freezes the blood in the veins, the screeching of crampons on the frozen steep slope and the echo of driving ice axes prevent conversation. After several hours of climbing  we arrived at Studenac. Surrounded by ice and snow  offer an incredible sight.  Which only the privileged and brave can experience. That is those who dare to sacrifice comfort to see this beuaty.

The enjoyment at the top is interrupted by the fog that quickly filled the entire area. We can see Lake Trnovačko and Maglić. Return is quite and dramatic, vertical descent of several hours. While the sun was slowly setting behind Lebršnik.

Vladimir speaks  through photographs, he graces us on this occasion with incredible scenes of Volujek and its surroundings.

The mountain conquers and makes us happy if we know how to take care of it!